Toby Harriman: Gotham City SF

Monica Lewinsky: The Price of Shame

Every day online, people — especially young people who are not developmentally equipped to handle this — are so abused and humiliated that they can’t imagine living to the next day… I’ve seen some very dark days in my life. It was empathy and compassion from friends, family, coworkers, even strangers that saved me. Empathy from one person can make a difference.

Josue Lajeunesse: La Source

Princeton janitor brings clean water home to Haiti

TED Talks of 2014

Josh Paler Lin, Thomas: How Does A Homeless Person Spend $100?

Alexander Gerst: Earth Timelapses

Excited Dancing Dog

Boy oh boy! That’s my owner. Boy oh boy!

The Impossible Bet


Hélène Franchineau: Happy in Hong Kong

Thibaut Desmons/Lily Fang: Happy in Shenzhen